How it works

Your Personal Digital Butler

No more needless searches through the yellow pages, classifieds, newspapers, or internet and numerous phone calls to figure out the right service provider who can effectively do the job at an acceptable time, quality and price

  • Quality & Reliability - Only the most trusted and skilled service providers are found on EButler.
  • Convenience  - We focus a lot of effort on thinking of and adding every kind of service that our users might need in their daily life. Our aim is to make your life hassle free and give you back more of your day
  • Customer Service - Our 100% response rate ensures that all support requests are answered quickly and resolved efficiently
  • Quick and Efficient - Save hours by finding reliable service providers instantly
  • Fair Pricing - all service prices are competitive and set by experienced providers

1 – Select you Service

Through the flow of the app, you can go through the categories and choose the service you need taken care of.

2 – Choose your location and time of service

Once you select your service, choose the location where you want your service to be booked for, then choose the date and time you wish the service to be scheduled in.

3 – Choose one of the matched service providers

EButler matches  you with the available service provider for your location and requested time and date. Where you can see a list of the service providers available to choose from and book.

4 – Enjoy and Relax

Sit back and relax while the service you requested is being taken care of by one of our professional EButler Partners and rate their work after they are done.